Does your home have uncomfortable areas?
Are your energy bills higher than they should be?
Does your home seem to make you sick or have mold growth?

These are a few of the problems with existing homes that the Engineered Comfort Home Diagnostic addresses. Some companies want to sell you a product; Engineered Comfort wants to provide a Solution. Some want to walk through and tell you whatís wrong, but having 10 years experience testing homes for performance related issues, we know there is simply no substitute for the complete set of home diagnostic tests.

Once these tests are conducted on the home, the sources for your problem will be known so that they can be repaired - NO GUESSWORK!!! By investing a little to get the right answer, you donít waste your money buying expensive windows that provide little savings or installing attic fans that suck the energy (and dollars) out of your home.

In some homes, we have literally cut the energy bills in half by conducting the test, developing a solution and implementing the recommended plan. Not to mention, the house is far more comfortable ALL of the time. The answer is simple; have the Engineered Comfort Home Diagnostic Test conducted to determine what needs to be done to your home before throwing money at products that donít solve your problem.

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